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  • MAIA: Multi Asset Investment Architecture

    Leverage the benefits of cloud technology to remove implementation latency

    IBOR, PMS, OMS, Compliance, Risk, and Operations

  • Institutional

    MAIA is a front-to-back asset management technology suite born out of an established asset management business with the pedigree of a decade of development and refinement.

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  • Technology

    Unconstrained, bi-directional integration with our fluent API, available in Python, Java, C# and Golang

    MAIA can be the back-bone of your asset management technology stack

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  • Event Driven architecture and real-time IBOR

    Front-office calibre messaging infrastructure throughout, enables a real time event driven solution.
    No refresh button or batch process delivers a real time IBOR.

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  • For quant and systematic managers

    MAIA delivers systematic trading for quants and full programmatic control via our streaming API. Our disruptive architecture delivers ultimate performance under high volumes.

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  • For start-up and emerging managers

    MAIA is pre-configured for efficiency and control and will scale to your evolving business. We deliver full integration with your prime brokers to ensure automation and STP across your operations.

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  • For established discretionary managers

    MAIA is a scalable, flexible platform to replace legacy systems, with UI and Gateway APIs for full control, integration, and access to your data.

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Power up your investment portfolio

Our cloud-native technology delivers class-leading portfolio management through an open architecture. The MAIA platform is functionally rich and combines high levels of STP with resilience in high volume scenarios. Multi-asset, single-asset and evolving businesses can select from pre-configured or fully customised workflows. MAIA is future-ready with the flexibility to adapt and scale with your business.

Control at your fingertips

MAIA is delivered out of the box to provide accurate PnL and shadow NAV as well as trading, compliance, and risk. Built from a blank canvas, MAIA is designed to handle the challenges and complexity of running multi-strategy portfolios with speed and efficiency.

Control at your fingertips

MAIA for you

For all asset classes

MAIA delivers a pre-configured solution for long only, long/short, multi-asset or global macro strategies using best-in-class workflows, and scales to support both start-up and established funds.

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For complexity and scale

MAIA supports an unlimited number of users, workflows and integration points across data, trading, compliance, and operations.

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For simplicity or your operations

Delivered under a cloud-native SaaS framework, the MAIA platform is tailored to precisely fit your operating model.

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For high-performance trading

Integrated with your own technology, Systematic powers trading and middle office workflows. A client gateway supports seamless integration with upstream systems.

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Outclass. Outpace. Outperform.

Transform your business

MAIA’s platform handles all your workflows from pre-trade to post-trade and readily integrates with other applications and services within your ecosystem. Accelerate STP quickly and efficiently without constraint.


Our technology is an API first, open architecture. Being cloud-native and with no technical debt, our workflows flex around your existing operating model.


Grow and scale with confidence knowing you'll never need to change platform again.


You can import new workflows from a library of capabilities, without requiring an upgrade or reconfiguration of the system – MAIA is light-touch.


We have pre-existing integrations with an array of third parties so you will benefit from a streamlined onboarding process.

Don’t just take our word for it.

  • We selected the MAIA system because it meets our demanding performance and scalability requirements, and the Client Gateway provides full programmatic control of our order execution. I have confidence that MAIA will remain a critical partner as our business grows.

    Ironbark Asset Management

    Wesleigh Pancho, Head of Execution Trading at Castiglione Capital

  • We have been impressed by the implementation of MAIA; the team understood our business and worked to our timeframe and needs. We have seen efficiency gains across portfolio management, trading and operations and look forward to our continued evolution, enabled by a cutting-edge Order Management System.

    Ironbark Asset Management

    Brendan Carpenter, COO at Ironbark Asset Management

  • MAIA’s post-trade cockpit has improved both our efficiency and STP rates on T. Their reconciliation engine also allows us to consistently monitor trade, position and cash breaks on T or T+1. By automating these complex processes, we have gained tighter controls over our third parties and improved both the transparency and accuracy of our balances.

    Ironbark Asset Management

    Sean Onyett, Head of Operations at Fulcrum Asset Management

  • “The MAIA platform and team clearly distinguished themselves via their comprehensive solution combined with a consultative relationship build”

    Ironbark Asset Management

    Simon Carter, COO at Dowgate Wealth

  • “MAIA and Ediphy share similar DNA. Both apply future-proof technology principles to capital markets. This is a natural and exciting alliance that will allow asset managers and hedge funds to unlock unbeatable value and significantly reduce time-to-market in addressing their fixed income requirements.”

    Ironbark Asset Management

    Magnus Mathisen, Head of Sales at Ediphy

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