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For Asset Managers

The Lexicon of Asset Management

For Growth, Scale and Risk Mitigation

Simplify your operations.
Unlock Alpha.

The Lexicon of Asset Management

MAIA heralds a new chapter in Asset Management technology. Our platform is the go-to solution for firms aspiring to deliver optimal outcomes for investors but are impeded by their current providers.

A unifying, cost efficient solution built by and for Asset Managers to enable scale, drive value creation and stay leading-edge.

MAIA. It’s time for change.

How we help you

Ultimate control for high-performing asset managers

Created for the most advanced asset management firms, the MAIA platform supports an unlimited number of users, high and ultra-high trade volumes, and complex workflows. Delivered under a cloud-native SaaS framework, the MAIA platform is tailored to precisely fit your operating model.

Everything. All at Once.

  • Unlock value and scale across the whole portfolio, regardless of asset class
  • Decommission legacy systems and processes into a single platform
  • Immersive, insightful portfolio construction and implementation

Save Money. Amplify Alpha.

  • Faster, cheaper, better: A cloud-native solution that we run for you efficiently and with enviable service levels
  • No distractions: Do what you’re best at and we’ll take care of the technology

Always Connected. Always Prepared.

  • An extensible, high performance architecture that drives interoperability
  • Process and accelerate meaningful data insights throughout the investment value chain

Supercharge your investment portfolio.