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MAIA Enterprise

A class-leading solution for sophisticated investment managers

MAIA Enterprise is our state-of-the-art flagship solution that supports the complexity and scale required in established, leading-edge investment management organisations

For complexity and scale

Simplify and boost your operations

A class-leading solution for sophisticated investment managers

As a successful institutional asset manager, pension fund or hedge fund with complex workflows, multiple integration requirements and many users and portfolios, we know that your priority is to streamline your operations and increase efficiency.

MAIA Enterprise is a holistic platform that operates across front, middle and back-office teams to improve the trade flow and communication across the entire business. It is specifically designed and optimised to support established and complex organisations running diverse investment strategies involving multiple asset classes.

We understand that the idea of migrating from an existing legacy system, which has usually been patched together over time and at great expense, may fill you with dread. It doesn’t need to be that way. MAIA Enterprise will reduce your tech debt, increase flexibility, and handle data and system migrations (as well as business process re-engineering) quickly and seamlessly so you can focus on what’s important: performance.

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Ultimate control for high-performing investment managers

Created for the largest and most advanced investment management firms, MAIA Enterprise supports an unlimited number of users, high and ultra-high trade volumes, and complex workflows. Although delivered under a SaaS framework, MAIA Enterprise is a bespoke implementation that precisely fits your operating model.

MAIA Enterprise is a holistic platform that uses the same data set across the whole application to support multiple teams using the same data

MAIA Enterprise is an open platform that integrates with other systems as part of a front-to-back ecosystem

MAIA Enterprise supports delineated workflows and ensures transparency and control across all business functions: portfolio analysis, order generation, order management and execution, compliance, risk, post trade workflows, P&L, position, cash and trade reconciliation, and operations

MAIA Enterprise it tailor-made for your business and integrates seamlessly with all your third-party systems (including prime brokers, executing brokers, custodians, fund accountants and fund administrators) - all encapsulated in bi-directional workflows

Supercharge your investment portfolio.