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Transform your business with efficiency and control

An out-of-the-box, cloud-native solution for start-up managers and developing firms that is affordable, effective, and built around the needs of your growing business

For all asset classes

Simplicity. Accuracy. Performance

Transform your business with efficiency and control

Through our experience of serving the investment management community for many years, we know that specific workflows are required for different investment strategies, including long only, long/short, global macro and alternatives.

What if you could provide a single common interface for all trade types across the business, cost-effectively and without any hassle, to ensure that all users have access to the same data at the same time? MAIA’s out-of-the-box workflows, deployed on top of the core IBOR, compliance, OMS and post-trade capabilities, make this possible.

We understand that integrating new technology systems can be daunting, which is why our onboarding process is fast and efficient, allowing you and your growing business to derive value and improve performance from day one.

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Grow your business faster

At its heart, MAIA is a fully integrated system that allows firms to improve STP through the front and middle office. The scope of workflows extends right across the business, greatly improving collaboration and leading to higher rates of STP. MAIA facilitates automation with other downstream counterparts, integrating between asset managers and prime brokers, custodians, fund accountants and regulatory reporting entities.

MAIA is tailored to meet the demands of your investment strategy, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

MAIA scales as your business grows or becomes more complex in its front and middle office operations.

MAIA can ingest multiple inputs and dynamically update data as a consequence of market events or internal factors

MAIA provides key management information for those who are not involved in the investment process but are interested in the outcome of trades

MAIA is a SaaS platform with managed delivery and upgrade capability, requiring zero project management

Supercharge your investment portfolio.