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MAIA Systematic

Enhanced performance and control for systematic strategies

A high-performance solution, MAIA Systematic automates middle office workflows to minimise human intervention and maximise the potential for STP

For middle office workflows

Complexity Solved

Enhanced performance and control for systematic strategies

We understand the pressure todays quantitative investment managers are under to maintain performance, enhance productivity, and provide transparency to investors at all times.

We also understand the challenge of finding the right technology solution to cope with the rapid changes in strategy, region, or asset class. Legacy systems are often not adequate to manage the fast pace of change, and enhancing, fixing, or replacing the technology is a complex process.

Constantly investing in new systems can be costly and frustrating. By developing proprietary technology to support portfolio construction and generate alpha, you can leverage MAIA Systematic to support your execution and operational workflows.

How can we help you?

Power up your portfolio management

MAIA Systematic has all the benefits of a traditional front-to-back system (incorporating an OMS, PMS and IBOR) but with far greater capacity and performance, full systematic control, and native language integration - all delivered in a flexible, hosted service.

MAIA Systematic supports processing of large transaction volumes, coupled with automation to enable STP across hundreds of thousands of orders per day

MAIA Systematic aggregates high volumes of trade data, supporting real-time valuations and P&L

MAIA Systematic supports full bi-directional integration and control via the language of your choice

MAIA Systematic enables clients to integrate custom workflows within the framework

Supercharge your investment portfolio.