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New client announcement – Dowgate Wealth

Frank Glock

Frank Glock

6 April, 2024 2 min read
New client announcement – Dowgate Wealth

New Customer Announcement – A Warm Welcome to Dowgate Wealth!

As a rapidly-growing firm, a cornerstone of Dowgate Wealth’s business structure is a continual investment in people, processes and systems.

Fundamental to persisting optimal client service, alpha generation and operational efficiencies, the requirement to identify and align with a strategic technology partner became a paramount objective for its fund business.

Following a thorough appraisal of the vendor space, MAIA’s award-winning front-to-back investment management platform was selected as the solution of choice by Dowgate Wealth.

“The MAIA platform and team clearly distinguished themselves via their comprehensive solution combined with a consultative relationship build” said Simon Carter, COO. Carter added “we are steadfast and dedicated to ensuring our process, operating model and ultimately how we serve our clients remains second to none. MAIA was unanimously chosen due to deep functional strength, strong cultural alignment felt across the team and importantly will form the foundation to Dowgate’s ongoing successes and growth trajectory within its fund business.

Frank Glock, CRO at MAIA added “We’re thrilled that after a comprehensive due diligence process, MAIA has been selected by Dowgate Wealth as its strategic technology partner supporting the entire fund investment value chain”, we are excited at the prospect of being a big part of what the future holds for Dowgate Wealth”.

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