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AXOVISION selects MAIA as its technology partner

Mark Veevers, CEO

Mark Veevers, CEO

5 May, 2022 2 min read
AXOVISION selects MAIA as its technology partner

AXOVISION is an ambitious and innovative alternative asset manager specialising in technology-driven investment products. In response to the increasing complexity and rapid pace of financial markets, the firm’s mission is to unlock the potential of technologies like AI in order to offer their customers unique investment opportunities.

AXOVISION was looking to implement next generation technology across its entire ecosystem to support its own internally built Alpha generation tools. MAIA’s integrated, modular multi-asset OMS platform, designed to help clients transform their operating model and deliver better service, was a perfect fit.

AXOVISION chose MAIA as its investment management platform based on the flexibility, transparency, and power of the system and its capability to adapt and grow with the business. AXOVISION recognised that MAIA’s tools and utilities can deliver unparalleled levels of efficiency, empowering them to react faster and with greater control. High levels of automation and STP were also a key factor for AXOVISION, as the reliability and accuracy of data allows them to focus on adding value to their clients.

MAIA demonstrated superior performance, scalability and, critically, an experienced and knowledgeable team that worked collaboratively with the firm’s users all the way from C-level to developers to ensure a timely, straightforward, and cost-effective implementation of the system. This seamless process facilitated the successful launch of the firm’s first portfolio, the AXOVISION AI US equity long/short fund.

Throughout the process, MAIA worked closely with FactSet, AXOVISION’s data provider, to integrate with their reference data and streaming price API. This collaboration resulted in a long-term strategic partnership that allows us to deliver FactSet as part of our solution for new clients, who can take advantage of out-of-the-box data integration and a single vendor for both application and data.

“We selected MAIA as our technology partner because they shared our philosophy on software as an enabler of superior service and performance. We also value the openness of their solution. We have integrated our investment models, which use AI and machine learning, into their platform and leveraged MAIA’s preconfigured workflows and integrations with our prime and executing brokers. The outcome is a tight coupling of systems that delivers high levels of efficiency and STP.”

– Thomas Kutschera, CEO AXOVISION

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